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COVID Update - May 25th 2021

COVID Closure Status: As of Thursday, May 20th Doug Ford announced that the province of Ontario will begin to slowly, but surely reopen beginning on June 13th. With that being said, although we are moving in the right direction, tattoo shops are still prohibited from opening until Phase 2. This phase being contingent on certain numbers in vaccination rates and COVID cases being met. The earliest possible date for starting Phase 2 is July 5th, but that is not a date that is set in stone. So, although we can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel, there is still quite a ways to go.

Tattoo Appointment Status: Because of the ongoing uncertainty of the tattoo industry all appointments booked with me since November of 2020 will remain postponed indefinitely. I will not be reaching out to rebook any appointments until the day we are permitted to open; I hope you can understand this, due to how many times they have pulled the rug out from beneath us last minute. I will also only be booking about a month at a time to begin, to ensure there is no further mass cancellations for me, as I'm sure you can understand it is a logistical nightmare for me to do so.

Anyone interested in booking an appointment after the postponed appointments have been rescheduled can be added onto my wait list.

I am very sorry for the confusion and frustration all of this back and forth has caused, I truly appreciate all of the patience and understanding you have shown me during such uncertain times. I am hoping that all of this will come to an end soon. We are all in this together! And as always, if you have any questions or concerns for me, I can be reached via the contact form on my website, or via DM on Instagram.

Stay safe 🖤

Keira Renee x

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