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COVID UPDATE - March 29th 2021

COVID Closure Status: As of March 26th, the Ontario government has announced that tattoo shops will be able to open under the grey zone restrictions On April 12th, 2021.

I am proceeding with caution, because unfortunately we have been here before, and a lot could still change in the next 2 weeks. But, with that being said I am very happy to announce that I will be starting to book in my first month of appointments!

Tattoo Appointment Status: For the time being, until things are a little more stable I will only be booking out about a month at a time. So, the appointments postponed at the end of November - December of 2020 will be booked first. That doesn’t mean that if you had an appointment after December you will lose your spot, it just means you will not be receiving a new appointment date at this point in time. Once I start booking in later months, priority will still be in place.

I will be reaching out to the first month worth of clients starting today, to set an appointment date and time. I will also be reaching out to everyone with appointments after December, as well as those on my wait list to touch base, and get their availability.

Postponed appointments will have priority over those who are on the wait list, to try and maintain as much fairness as I can.

Please keep in mind that April 12th is just the earliest possibility I could begin brining clients in, there is always the possibility of another lockdown. I will remain in contact with all of my clients in case anything changes on my end, and I will be posting updates as they are needed on here!

If you don't want to miss an announcement, please subscribe to emails at the bottom of this page!

Thank you all for your patience! Stay safe and well.

x Keira Renee 🖤

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