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COVID UPDATE - April 5th 2021

COVID Closure Status: As of Saturday, April 3rd at 12:01 the entirety of the province of Ontario had the "emergency brake" pulled by the Doug Ford administration. This will last for 28 days. Under this new lockdown, tattoo shops are unable to open.

Tattoo Appointment Status: I had reached out to all of my clients with postponed tattoo appointments, as well as those who are on my wait list as of March 31st. The original intent of these messages were to start rebooking my first months of appointments back in, as at the time we were told personal services would be opening on April 12th. Fortunately and unfortunately, I had yet to book any appointments, only received clients availability. Because there is so much uncertainty around the Peel region being able to reopen after the 28 days are over, I will not be booking any appointments until we have a set day of reopening.

I am very sorry for the confusion and frustration all of this back and forth has caused, I truly appreciate all of the patience and understanding you have shown me during such uncertain times. I am hoping that all of this will come to an end soon. We are all in this together!

Stay safe 🖤

Keira Renee x

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