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About Me

Personal Profile

My name is Keira Renee. I'm 24 years old and I'm a Tattoo Artist, who also enjoys watercolour painting.

I started my tattoo apprenticeship in 2018 at Malefic Tattoos when I was 19 years old. I have always been very creative; from tape art at 2 years old, selling homemade bracelets to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society at 10 years old, to competitive dancing until I was 16 years old. But, to say I saw myself becoming a Tattoo Artist would be a flat out lie.

After finishing high school at an arts school in Kitchener, Ontario, I did what everyone thinks they're supposed to do and went onto post secondary for business in Toronto.. Fast forward 2 years, I was a twice over post secondary school drop out, who on a string of luck started working as a Tattoo Shop Assistant at, you guessed it, Malefic Tattoos. I owe a lot to Fabien and Xavier at Malefic for going out on a limb, giving me a chance, and taking me under their wings. 

Now that this is my life, I can't possibly imagine doing anything else. I love going to work every single day, meeting amazing new people, and creating some really dope art. My favourite styles of tattooing are pretty much anything black/grey, floral, and my own take on watercolour of any subject matter. 

Watercolouring has come into my life fairly recently (thank you COVID), and has quickly become a passion of mine. I hope one day I will be able to spend my time equally on both tattooing and watercolour. 

Besides art, my passions lie within my family, my dog, my kitchen and my faith. That is just a 'little' bit about me!

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